I’m Ant Barnes, a web developer based in Sheffield, UK. I mainly work with Ruby and Rails but hack around with other Ruby web frameworks (mainly Hanami) and Elixir and Phoenix in what spare time I get.

I have two children who I’m slowly bringing into the world of geekdom, currently they are obsessed with Lego, various superheroes and generally looning about. They keep me pretty occupied so time for side projects is a bit limited.

When I need to get away from a computer I play mediocre tennis and do some mediocre photography. I also like to make various things like drinking glasses from old bottles, and I recently built an Ergodox keyboard

I am trying to embrace mediocrity in an attempt to not put so much pressure on myself to be good at everything. It’s OK to just do something to enjoy it and not be good at doing it.

I can be contact via various methods on the contact page!